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" Herein a mellowed garden dreams away the years. Steeped in serene, sweet light, and muted sound. Herein tranquility and peace abide. For God walks here at cool of evening tide. Then, treading softly, pass within this gate. May you find God and walk a while with Him."
Pearl C. Hiath


For the time being, the gardens are only a dream. We have designated the areas where they will grow and we have begun to imagine what form they will take.

There will be (1) an apiary for the honey bees, (2) a large vegetable garden, and (3) a little herb & flower garden near the porch surrounded by a rustic picket fence.

We have moved most of the honeybee hives to the area designated as the apiary. In the Spring of 2006, Mike planted the heirloom seeds that were given to us by a kind docent at Westville when we visited there to study their log cabins. She was leading a cooking demonstration in the pioneer kitchen exhibit and when we tasted her pumpkin and commented on how good it was, she shared some of the seeds.

She told us that this variety of pumpkin is called "a tan cheese pumpkin. The variety was popular in the early 1800's. It is mild and quite good for pies."

This is probably more like the pumpkins that the Pilgrims had at their first Thanksgiving feast. They are called tan (for their color) and cheese (because the flat-rounded shape reminds one of a cheese round)

Pumpkin patch (early fall 2006) near the honeybee hives
is the beginning of our "pioneer garden"

First harvest
Mike finds tending to the fields (that will later become our vegetable garden) not so much of a chore when he can play with his antique tractor. Here, he was disking before planting clover seed.
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