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Bluebird Nest

Bluebird Nest

Of all the beautiful birds God has given us, I think Bluebirds are my very favorite. My heart thrills when I see a Bluebird in the winter, as I know Spring is almost here.

The pairs mate for life and the male helps his mate search for just the right nesting place. Then he protects her and the nest, brings her food while she is incubating the eggs, and helps feed the young nestlings after they hatch. Such a good “Daddy.” Henry David Thoreau said, the male “carries the sky on his back.” His lovely blue coloring certainly seems as though that is the case.

Mike put a house on the post of the fence that circles the Bee Yard, and we have been watching our resident Bluebird couple raise this spring’s family.

The lid on the top is hinged, so each weekend we have taken a quick peek inside to see how the nesting is progressing. Take a look……….



Wildflower Collection

Wildflower Collection

I found some amazing new flowers blooming this week to add to my collection. To show just a few, here are my photos…….

Trout Lily

Dwarf Iris

Pink Lady Slipper

I decided to NOT collect a specimen (just a photo) from the Lady Slipper since there are so few of them and removing a bloom would mean even fewer next year.