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Wildflower Collection

Wildflower Collection

The variety of wildflowers just gets better and better. I am amazed and thrilled every time I spot something I have never seen before. Here are my photos of a few of those I found since my last “wildflower” posting ……..

Turk's Cap Lily


Mountain Mint


Black-eyed Susan


Fire Pink


Ox-eye Daisy


Flame Azalea


Sweet Shrub


Pale Yellow Jewelweed


Jewel Weed




Horse Nettle


Virgin's Bower


Heal All




Joe Pye Weed


Passion Flower

Looking for some action

Looking for some action

Millie loves her Frisbee and will retrieve as long as someone will throw for her.

When there is a lull in the action, she sits facing the driveway, hoping someone will come to visit that she can con into being her Frisbee tosser.

She needs a playmate…. maybe it’s time to think about getting another Lab to be her companion?