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Snow (2010)

Snow (2010)

Yesterday it snowed! Here in the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains it does not snow very often, and when it does snow, it is an exciting occasion as it transforms our world into a fantasy vision.

Looking off the front porch, up the driveway towards the road, all was shades of white and grey with green pine boughs peeking through adding the only color.

Millie was not sure what to think of it all …..



One of the great features of a log cabin is the natural insulation the huge thick logs provide, and that along with the thermo-paned windows, insures that it’s always cozy inside even on the coldest days. We keep a fire going in the hearth and supplement that with a little heat from the central-heating (we have never had to turn the thermostat up over 65°).






Today the sun came out casting beautiful shadows across the white blanket and making the ice crystals glisten..

High up on the ridge where the ice was thicker on the trees looked as though sparkling clouds were laid across the hills, and that contrasted with the vivid blue of the clear sky was magical.





Millie was, of course, ready to play Frisbee.

The Dulcimer

The Dulcimer

This Christmas, Mike surprised me with a Dulcimer he built.

It all started with a crazy Red Neck thing I bought in Bell Buckle, Tennessee while there on a trip last summer. They call it a a CanJo.

It is just a one-string fret board attached to a tin can with the string  running through the can. You tune it to something close to A, then strum with one hand while pressing the frets with your other hand.

That’s wild, huh? Well, I played around with it all summer, which sparked an idea in Mike’s head. He remembered reading in the Foxfire books about building Dulcimers. So he decided to build one.


It has an amazingly beautiful sound and I am so anxious to learn to play it. I can envision many happy hours of strummin’ and (as they say here in the mountains) sangin’ on the cabin porch.

Dang, if we aren’t gettin’ the hang of this mountain life …… and it fits us!