Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home ……

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home ……

Every fall the ladybugs that have spent the warm months in the forest are looking for a warm shelter to spend the coming winter. It seems they love the little nooks and crannies between the logs of our cabin. Our first year here, swarms of the little critters found their way in and took up residence. At first glance, this seemed like a workable arrangement. After all, what harm could the tiny ladies be, and they are so cute.

As the weather grew colder, they hid away, and we had no idea how bad the infestation was to become. Perhaps if they had stayed out of sight in their nooks and crannies, all would have been well. But, fooled by any sudden warmth, they poked their selves out to have a look. This meant, when we visited the cabin on a weekend and turned the heat on; they would crawl out of hiding and congregate on the windows looking for a way to the outside. If the sun warmed up a window, dozens would appear, crawling over the glass panes. The warmth of lit light bulbs would attract them. If we turned on the light that hangs over the dining table, we would have ladybugs falling into our plates. Have you ever tasted a ladybug? Yeaaaaach, they taste so disgustingly bitter that even birds and other bugs won’t eat them. So we swept them up from the floor in heaps, raked them from the window sills by the handful. Then when spring came, all the remaining ladybugs emerged from hiding and we had them everywhere!

And though I had always had a particular affection for this little bug, I was now thinking horrid and ghastly thoughts of extermination.

The answer turned out to be not quite that nasty. Mike found a spray that he coated the outside of the cabin with this fall that repelled them. We still have a few that sneak in, and that’s okay. I can once again look at these spotted ladies with affection. There is now a little cast-iron ladybug sitting on their favorite sunniest windowsill in memory of the great infestation, which thankfully, we can now laugh about.

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