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  1. Hello from Texas,
    I have only just found your site and read the step by step of how you built your cabin and loved it! I stumbled upon quite serendipitous-ly your you-tube music video, and loved it, too. I tried to send a message but I don’t lknow if it went through. I wanted to know how you were enjoying your cabin and if there is anything you might have done differently, now that you’ve been there for a while? And, have you put in more garden?
    Thank you!

    • Charlotte,
      I sent a reply to your email address but wanted to reply here as well.
      We are still very much enjoying our little log cabin, and spend at least 3 days a week up there. It is exciting to hear that you are wanting to restore a cabin as well. Mike and I will be most happy to share any advice we can with you.
      Good luck on your cabin and let me know how it progresses.

  2. First, I want to say Great Job! Your journal was fun to read and shows your passion for old things. I really enjoyed the construction phase as I have been building a log cabin very similar in age to yours. Im in my third year, however I expect it to take a little longer as im doing most of the work myself. Our kids thought we where just plain NUTS when we started this project. However we wanted a cabin that they would remember it being a very special place to visit not just another home like so many cabins. These old log homes are very special and hold alot of history and memories. My wife and I can’t wait each weekend to make the trip to spend time there. We hope our kids will appreciate the architecture and history these places as time goes on.
    Thank you for sharing your cabin with us.

  3. Hello:
    We are in the upper NE corner of Iowa. We have been restoring our hand hewn log home now for 3 going on 4 years. We purchased two separate cabins, moved them down by crane to our location where they sit now. We also brought down a small shed that was on one of the cabin sites. It has been a labor of love. Many times we have said what have we gotten ourselves into. But when we see inspiration like what you have it gives hope that this will be completed. We just put a new roof on, spray washed all of the logs, and have knocked out all of the chinking most recently. We just measured for windows this evening. We have looked at hundreds of photos to try to restore the cabin to the look of an original 1800′s log home. Your cabin is beautiful. Thanks for such a great site.

  4. Hello
    I was thrilled to find your site a while back when we were reconstructing our cabin and quite surprised to find the similarity of our cabin experiences. As I looked at your cabin photos I was amazed that we had so many of the same decorating and furnishing ideas. Our cabin is on ongoing project but we moved in furniture in June 2008. Since it is located on our farm up a quarter mile lane we stay there 3-4 days a week. We love our cabin and take a lot of pride in our cabin home. Please visit the website above and view the cabin photos. Tonight I was looking at your web page that I have bookmarked and thrilled to find your journal and contact information. Your cabin story and journal has been very helpful to us over the years. Betty Jo

    • Hi Betty Jo,
      Sorry that I am so late in responding to your comment. We had a lot going on in our lives this fall which I plan to post here in the blog soon. I looked at your cabin on your blog site: http://bjlill.com/bjlill/Welcome.html

      I loved your comments in your blog about wanting to not only preserve the cabin history but also to preserve farm land. I think all of us cabin owners have that in common.

  5. Marsha
    I wanted to let you know that you have a great website! I found you website doing research on ladybugs. I liked your post on subject. We are building a log cabin in southern wv and have been infested by thousands of the little ‘buggers’. We have been vacuuming them up….but very much would like them to not come back. What did I mike spray your exterior with?
    Your photos are great. I also enjoyed the photos of cabins when you were researching yours!

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