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NewBees In The Apiary

NewBees In The Apiary

Because we lost our entire in-town bee yard this past winter to the Colony Collapse Disorder, we moved all the mountain yard hives to town so they could take advantage of the earlier spring there. That meant we had to make new hives for the mountain apiary. Mike ordered twelve packages of live bees from a breeder.

Our son, Matt, and his friend joined us for the installation day. It was a cool crisp spring morning, perfect for playing with the bees. The bees were happy to finally be moved from their cramped quarters in the little Nuc (breeding box) to their new home in full hives. The air was so full of bees that we need to wear veils to keep them out of our faces. They were not angry or anxious to sting ….. just happy to be home.

We located the queens to make sure that each of the hives had a queen, and gave each hive a jar of sugar-water to tide them over until they begin foraging to store some nectar and pollen.

Hopefully they will be rockin’ and rollin’ by the time the Sourwood trees bloom towards the end of June -  first of July.

Speaking our son, Matt …. he has followed in his dad’s footsteps and keeps bees at his home in Brevard, NC. Check out his honey website at www.purepisgahhoney.com