It will come to you, this love of the land. There's no gettin' away from it if you're Irish. Gerald O'Hara in Gone With The Wind

No doubt about it, our ancestors passed on to us a great love for the land. And we wanted to build our log cabin retreat on acreage that we could eventually build a farm-house style home to retire to. We wanted to be in the mountains yet with pastures (southern Appalachians where the climate is mild). We wanted a fresh water source such as creeks or streams. We wanted good land where we could grow a garden, plant a small orchard and keep our honeybees. We wanted to be within a couple of hours of a city with good medical services and shopping.

We are grateful for the most excellent help from Tom Metzler at Exit Realty Mountain Properties. Tom remained faithful to our search when lesser realtors might have given up on us as buyers. He patiently and expertly spent many hours hiking roadless forest with us in search for just the right place. After many months of searching, there it was.......

........30 magnificent acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the southern Appalachian chain) of North Carolina. There is meadow, pasture, some hilly, some level, 3 creeks, a natural spring, a barn, even a funny little outhouse.

already a barn there

even a little outhouse !

Rhododendrons line the creeks

Our bees like it there. We installed a solar-powered electric fence to keep the bears out of the honey.

wildflowers abound.....


sourwood trees
make the best honey

view from the top of the mtn.

fall color ...

getting bees ready for fall


looking up driveway towards main road
It was time now to go in search of vintage antique logs.
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