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January 2007  

The chimneys and hearths are in place.

It's beginning to look homey.

The next step is chinking and that must wait till Spring as above freezing temperatures are needed for a lengthy span of days. Meanwhile we can get the doors, cabinets, appliances, and fixtures ready to install. I am also putting together a "time-capsule" inside a waterproof metal box that we can insert inside the chinking between two logs, so that one day many years in the future, the history of these logs will not be forgotten.

Meanwhile, back in town....  
Mike is building the three exterior doors. Using vintage American Chestnut, and tools from his antique collection, he will make them look historically accurate. The original doors could not be reused because they were too short and too thin.

Beading done with an antique plane, will mirror the hand beading that the cabin's original builder used on the exposed floor boards and joists.

The long planks all fit loosely together with a floating spline joint, which allows the wood room to expand and contract without distorting the fit of the door. Sliding dovetail and antique hand forged nails (salvaged from the original cabin) joins the cleats (the shorter boards) and planks into a massive 120 lb door. As an interesting side note, the cleat had to be driven into the dovetail joint, a tight fit, so Mike used beeswax from our hives to lubricate the joint and help them slide into place.
May 2007  

Spring has once again returned to grace the mountains with its mild temperatures and gentle rain...... well, not much rain this year, but never-the-less, we are happy to see Spring.

We spent a delightful afternoon walking the property, spotting the variety of beautiful blooms (Mountain Laurel, Trillium, Blackberry, Violets, Daisies, Wild Flame Azaleas... and check out those huge Cinnamon Ferns that were as tall as us!

Millie had fun playing in the creek.

Much of the progress on the cabin is in a bit of a "holding pattern" due to circumstances beyond our control... hopefully to be resolved soon.

Mike installed the doors on the cabin and commissioned Artist-Blacksmith, Paul Garrett, at the nearby John C. Cambell Folk Art School to hand-forge the handles and latches.
outside view of front door

inside view of back door
August 2007  

Looking towards the front porch

Looking towards the side (bedroom) porch

Crane installed in fireplace. To hold a large iron pot, purely decorative, but perhaps handy if the electricity should go out.

The stain color seems to be mellowing out now. Soon the cedar siding on the gable ends and connection, as well as the pine of the porches will be ready to stain to match the logs.

BIG NEWS!...... a crew is coming to do the chinking in a couple of weeks.

September 2007

Mike installed the hand-forged hardware, latches and strap-hinges that were made by Artist-Blacksmith, Paul Garrett, at the nearby John C. Cambell Folk Art School

Paul signed his work on the bottom
of the latch handle

The work site has been cleaned up, graded and grass planted.

Contractor, Larry Hogshead, installs the
foam backing for the chinking material.

Ben adds in the insulation.

Now we can start to imagine how the cabin will look with the chinking filling the gaps between the logs.

Larry and his crew will return soon to finish up the chinking.

October 2007  
The chinking is finished and all we can say is WOW! It feels so cozy inside now.
November 2007  

Despite the drought the grass is beginning to grow.

The tongue-and-groove ceilings are going in.

In the loft, Mike reused the original boards that had been
carefully saved, to fill the gap between the top-plate (log
that the roof rafters rests on) and the log below. Here you
can also see where the loft ends and looks down on the
room below, we will need a railing here.

On the gabled ends, more paneling was needed above
the logs. Here we used wood taken from the original loft
floor (the vertical dark spots are colorations left from where
the original ceiling beams were attached on the side of
the floor that faced below). Odd as the discolorations might
look, I think they add character to the wall and will serve as
a reminder to us that they were once the original floor. We
debated just flipping them over, but they had the beautiful
beaded edge that the original cabin builder loved to use
and that we have tried to carry out.

Mike hand-planes a bead in wood that will be
used as interior trim around the doors and windows.

Loft ceiling goes in, the original ceiling support
beams with their pegged ends will be added to
this to give the effect of the original roof.

The white you see is the chinking between logs, but calking, colored to match the logs,
was used to fill in gaps where the wood had split and in the tiny gaps where corners meet.

It's hard to believe that once again Thanksgiving Day is here. Although we meant for the cabin to be finished by now, we are still very thankful that we have come so far.

We know that we have a lot to be thankful for.... not only the little cabin, and the land .... but for our family and friends and for our health. God continues to bless us in so many ways.

And at this time of Thanksgiving, we also pray for our country, its leaders and the military defending our freedom. And we pray that the Good Lord will bless you too.

December 2007  

Tim, another excellent carpenter to join the project, is adding trim and ceilings.

To the far left you can see how he enclosed the staircase, and the next photo shows the ceiling in the upstairs loft.


Here he encloses the half-bath in the loft area.

Tim's meticulous attention to detail and his innovative ideas have certainly been a welcome addition to the cabin.

We found a wonderful source for authentic-looking period lighting fixtures, BarnHouse Lighting in Alton, New Hampshire, and placed an order

Mike and I are giving each other front porch rocking chairs for Christmas. I can just envision the lazy summer evenings, feeling the balmy mountain air, hearing the crickets, frogs and cicadas singing, and savoring the sunset.

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