I read somewhere once, ”the pioneer spirit didn't die with our forefathers. It can still be found within each of us.

I am quite sure that had my husband been born in an earlier time that he would have joined with intrepid men like Daniel Boone, in the pioneers’ quest, and with vision, and courage, ever resourceful, pave a trail in the wilderness.

I think that like other pioneers, Mike does not so much look at his accomplishments as the prize, but rather more like he feels the reward is the “journey”. The adventure is the motivation. I have seen that in his spirit time after time. As for me….. well I have in a sense “hitched my wagon to a star” and gone along for a glorious ride of a lifetime.

Part of the pioneer’s journey is the dream of what is around the next bend, Even everyday tasks become adventures if one dares to dream.

So now in 2006, after 36 years, one of those dreams is about to be fulfilled.

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